Sometimes you just have to dig a little.

Sunday, November 22, 2020


Hi! *waves*

Happy Sunday. I'm sitting under a blanket on the couch. Tenley's watching some kids' Christmas movie with a cartoon version of Mariah Carey, Jarrod is with the boys at the gun range, and I'm relaxing. I thought I'd pop in here and give a little update.

I'm really tired today. I went to bed pretty late last night, so I'm sure that's why, but Jarrod just got over what we think was COVID (He tested negative twice, but so many symptoms aligned.), and so I'm kind of holding my breath and hoping my newfound exhaustion isn't anything more than the dreary weather and lack of sleep. Nowadays, it's not enough to just be tired or just have a slight cough/sneeze/tickle in your throat...amen? Could be anything, but COULD BE COVID. 

The world continues to be so weird. Since I last blogged, of course, Election Day came and passed...still without a real result. The internet is ablaze with opinions and mean words and friendships and relationships falling apart, and let's be honest -- it can be a sad place to be. Yet, I can't peel away. I want to know things, and I want to connect with people, but sometimes it feels like digging through piles and piles of trash to find the good stuff. I myself have tried to stay away from talks of politics and even COVID, only because I feel we've lost the art of communication. Real, authentic communication. Now we sit behind our phones or computers and "comment," but we aren't really seeing faces. And if we were seeing faces, would our responses be gentler? Would we not be so bold or judgmental? Would we listen more and talk less? Would we not be so quick to unfriend or unfollow? I can't help but wonder.

(This got real deep real quick...sorry not sorry.)

Truly, though. Are you finding it hard to step away like I am? I know what's best for me the same way I know it's best for me to eat healthy, get good sleep, and exercise...but that doesn't mean I'm doing it. I know it's best to take breaks from all the opinions and thoughts, from the news, from the chaos...but I also am so curious. Navigating the world right now just seems tricky. And yet, if I step away from it...

It's always so worth it. The fresh air, the sights, the laughter, the curiosity.

Yesterday was a lazy day...kind of. After putting Christmas lights up outside, Jarrod was going to take the kids on a hike, and part of me was looking forward to being home alone. The bigger part of me decided that wasn't a good idea. I needed the fresh air and the exercise more than I needed the couch and some silence. So, we ventured just a few minutes down the road and hiked.

It wasn't much, but it was enough.

Maybe you're like me, and it's hard to peel away. If given the opportunity, my advice is to take it. Take a moment to breathe...preferably outdoors. It's always worth it. In this social media age, I have to remind myself we aren't made for that kind of connection. God didn't create us to have these false senses of relationships. We are "friends" with people we aren't really friends with in real life. If we saw them in person, we may not even say hi or know how to strike up a conversation. There's nothing wrong with being friendly, of course, but the magic is in the real, face-to-face relationships and conversations we have. 

That's where the memories are made. That's where the real conversations are had. Where we can see...hear...touch. Not just type, click, and change the status of our friendships with a quick follow or unfollow.

That's me today. That's what's on my heart. Today my iPhone told me my phone usage was down 16% last week. That's great, but that's probably not enough. I'm going to try to make more of an effort this week.

...and as for Jarrod, he's fine. He did his isolation/quarantine time despite the negative test results. He's still completely without taste or smell, but he's otherwise back to good, and we are SO (SO...SO!) happy to have him back with us.

I hope you're well wherever you are! And because, let's be honest, I won't be posting again before Thanksgiving...I hope you have a happy one with whoever or however you're doing Thanksgiving this year. There is so much to be grateful for among the muck! 

Sometimes you just have to dig a little.

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