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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Well, hello. It's only been 8 months since my last post here. Eight. To be honest, I was confident I had finally reached the point where I was done with this space, but I guess it's a good thing I never gave in and canceled my pesky monthly web hosting payments no matter how much of a waste they were during that time. Here I am!

2020 has been crazy, hasn't it? Since I last posted, it seems like so much has happened and yet not much at all. This year has both crawled and sped past. Is it just me? I'd really like to get back into writing here, if time allows. As a new homeschooling mom (more on that to come), I'm learning now more than ever I really need to find outlets and pockets of time for me, and that's what my blog has always been, so I'm going to see how that pans out here.

I'll post again very soon -- hopefully some time this upcoming week -- with a real update. For now, hello...if you're still here. ;) (Is anyone here?)

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