Official New Year Hello

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Other than Ethan’s birthday post last week, I realize I kind of skipped out of town after Halloween and we welcomed Max into our home. I missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even the new year, so, I wanted to officially say hello, and happy 2020! I hope your holidays were amazingly blessed.

We had a seriously great holiday season. It was low-key, and no one was sick. That’s really two of the best ingredients for a great holiday season, in my opinion. Someone in our family is ALWAYS sick on Christmas the past few years (maybe even ALL of them since having kids, actually…I’d have to go back and check), and this year…no one. We went to a few parties and socialized, had lots of laughs and fun, and then had our family get-togethers here and at Jarrod’s parents’ house. It was all good.

On New Year’s Day, Jarrod got his hand chomped into by a dog. It was a total freak accident with a normally sweet dog we know very well who was just being defensive about some yummy food he found in the trash (eep). It’s better now, but it sure added an interesting element to our New Year’s Day!

We had a birthday party here at home for Ethan the weekend before his actual birthday. He had some of his best friends here all afternoon and it was — again — low-key and memorable.
We’re easing into 2020 pretty nicely, I’d say. We had an unusually warm Pennsylvania weekend this past weekend. Windows were open, kids were playing outside, and the fresh air inside the house reminded me of spring. I didn’t want it to leave. But alas, it is still winter in January, and so we’re expecting 5-8″ of snow this upcoming weekend. Ha! I’m all about it. We don’t have any major plans, so, getting snowed in sounds pretty great. Ask me how I feel when it’s snowing in March…STILL. 
Anyway. I think that’s all for now. Just wanted to update a little. For reasons I’m unaware of, I’ve gained quite a few new followers here over the past month, so hello, new friends! I can’t promise you’ll be super entertained here, but I’ll try my best. 

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